Roger Dill

Hello! I am Roger Dill, owner of Innovative Financial Solutions. Thanks for visiting us. Our desire is to help companies that are having cash flow problems and hard times to get their feet back on the ground. We all know that bad things can happen in business that can put you in a tough spot. Maybe a company that owes you $100,000 goes bankrupt? How are you going to pay your creditors? Has an employee embezzled money out of your company? Has the economy turned around so much that your sales have gone straight through the floor?

We’re here to help. We’ll work with your cash flow. I’ll provide you with ideas on how

Are you burdened with past due debts?

Innovative Financial Solutions specializes in helping companies that are in financial crisis. Are you 30-60-90 days past due on your accounts payable? If so, we are here to help. Innovative Financial Solutions has a team of expert negotiators with proven systems to work with your suppliers and help you become a more viable business. Work with someone that actually has run businesses and knows how important business relationships are and what needs to be done to turn around a company in trouble.

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