Innovative Financial Solutions

Business Debt

Having difficult times?

Does your business need a fresh start?

  • Stop harassing phone calls from collection agencies.
  • Resolve with the creditor outstanding judgments and claims.
  • Help stop the Sheriff from confiscating inventory, office equipment and property
  • Save 40-80{a563ec51d059ade072492600ecbceba689a619a29f015f4719c835e13aab6c4a} off what is owed.
  • Buy some time to get finish a job, collect receivables.
  • Avoid public disclosure of your financial situation.
  • Protect your credit.
  • Eliminate need for costly lawyers.
  • Preserve vendor relations critical to your business’s success.
  • We’ll handle the irritating calls from collectors and attorneys.
  • We’ll do the worrying for you so you don’t have to.
  • Focus your creative energy on your business.
  • Avoid bankruptcy.

Allow us to negotiate a reduction of your debt with your creditors.

Which makes more sense to you? Hire an attorney that charges by the hour, with no guarantee of success, with no incentive to negotiate a deep, really deep, discounted settlement OR, hire an experienced negotiator whose compensation is based solely upon his performance? The good news is: We are good, very good, at what we do.

We guarantee that we will save you thousands of dollars. Yes. Guarantee. No results, no fee, no risk. Simple as that.

Innovative Financial Solutions

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