Innovative Financial Solutions


There are times when even the most prudent and promising of companies hit a rough patch. None of us can predict when litigation or judgments, unexpected downturns, or excessive tax liabilities might hit. All of this – plus outstanding customer payables – can
make it hard to meet your own financial obligations.
Next come harassing creditor calls, which drain more than a few minutes of your time. They drain your energy. They distract from thinking strategically. And they make it next to impossible to put on the customer-focused attitude needed to win new business. Constant creditor calls also take a steep emotional toll on your family and quality of life. We intimately understand what you’re going through.

Trusted since 1989.

At Innovative Financial Solutions, we bring a refined level of debt resolution expertise and along track record for helping companies get ahead and eliminate bad debt before it collapses your business. We recognize the stress and strain involved, lifting that burden from your shoulders and helping to turn payables around.
In fact, we’ve already saved millions of dollars for hundreds of companies. Let us provide immediate peace of mind, so you can get back to running a business. Get the help you need without adding more risk or expense. Enjoy the many benefits of our confidential financing and credit repair services within a no-risk performance based compensation structure. Aside from our nominal retainer, you’ll pay us only for results when the job is done. Unless we reduce your debt, there is no added cost to you.

Here’s how it works.

  1. We start with an informative service consultation, asking pointed questions and learning more about your financial situation. We can then provide a clear assessment and professional recommendation as to whether or not our debt resolution services are feasible for your business. There’s never an obligation to move forward.
  2. If you decide to put us in charge of your debt negotiations, we’ll create and present a plan complete with a realistic roadmap that identifies relevant creditors for resolution. Going forward, we work as a natural extension to your business, becoming the single point of contact for identified creditors or their attorneys. This means you’re free to focus on business as usual.
  3. Finally, we negotiate exhaustively with creditors on your behalf to win the most favorable settlements possible.

Why us?

Innovative Financial Solutions is proven, experienced, and specialized in debt resolution support for businesses. We’re talented and influential negotiators, able to skillfully and tactfully persuade creditors over the course of time to achieve remarkable settlements. And unlike attorneys, we concentrate solely on debt negotiations and are compensated based on results – not time. So you won’t go into debt to get out of it.
Did you know that our first debt settlement reduced a $300,000 obligation to just $1,500? Since that time, we’ve save millions of dollars for hundreds of companies. Imagine what we can do for you. But time is of essence, so don’t delay. Contact us to schedule a free initial service consultation today.