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Innovative Financial Solutions
Innovative Financial Solutions
Innovative Financial Solutions

Who am I?

My name is Roger Dill and my company is Innovative Financial Solutions.  For the past three decades I have worked with people that had cash flow problems.  When they became my clients, I negotiate deep discounts on their debt.  I have a 29 years of experience in dealing with creditors and saved my clients millions of dollars.

What does this mean to you?

If you are in the mortgage, title company and real-estate industries, it can earn you thousands of dollars. How is that? Please, let me share with you a real-life situation where I prevented a real-estate deal from falling through and saving their client tens of thousands of dollars.

Real Story-Judgment Removal

Someone purchasing a home walked into an attorney’s office in a panic. This person was excited about selling their home and purchasing another one. The title company had just told her that a judgment had been placed against her several years earlier and they were going to have to deduct $32,000 from the proceeds of the sale of her home. She told this attorney that if that happened, she would not be able to have enough money to fund the down payment on her new home.

This attorney, who has many times in the past referred clients to me, told her “If anyone can help you, it is Roger Dill. Give him a call”.

This lady called me on a Tuesday. Her house was to close on the following Friday. I told her to give me the information on the creditor and I would work out a deal.

I got the contact information and by that Friday I had completely settled the deal for approximately $17,000, saving her $15,000! She certainly was a very happy camper. In fact, since the deal did not fall through, there were many happy campers, including the realtors and all those that would profit from the transactions.

Credit repair services

Since then, realtor friends of mine  were wondering if I could negotiate debts and improve a person’s credit score and I said absolutely! (In fact, I had already been doing that for years.) I help people qualify for mortgages.

Bottom line for reducing debt:

  • Qualify more people for to purchase homes
  • Save real-estate deals from fallen through
  • Save your clients tens of thousands of dollars
If you have a client that wishes to purchase a home and has credit and/or judgments against them, then I would be honored to serve you and your client resolve the debt and credit problems. Call me at 210-745-1939.


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